Cheap hotels in NYC

How to find cheap hotels in NYC

New York is a popular tourist destination for many travelers, and although there are a variety of hotels, many of them can be quite expensive.
If you are preparing your trip for sure you have already realized that finding cheap hotels in New York is quite complicated. However, by following a few simple steps that can help you find cheap hotels in New York .

Decide where you would like to stay in New York
While Manhattan is the most popular tourist destination, choose to stay in one of the other districts like Brooklyn or the Bronx which could help you find cheaper hotels. From the place where you stay you can get to Manhattan, because there is no problem, thanks to the efficient public transport system in New York .

Avoid special events
During the seasons of holidays and special sports events or conferences, the number of tourists arriving in New York increases, which causes the prices of hotels and accommodation to rise. Visit the hotels that are less busy, where you will find rooms at a cheaper price.

Start looking for a hotel in advance
Booking a hotel in advance will give you the most available options. If you wait until the last moment to book a hotel, the prices will increase due to the high demand that may exist, which generates even if you do not get a hotel in the area or at the price you want.

Become a regular visitor
The hotel chains usually have offers with some airlines, credit cards and other institutions that offer special discounts for being a member or for frequently visiting a particular chain.

Go during the week
Many of the hotels tend to be full during the weekends, but they have few customers during the weekdays. Plan your trip for the middle of the week since it can help you save money and get a room from a cheap hotel.

Stay longer
There are additional discounts that may be available, such as discounts based on the length of your stay.

Ask about the discounts
When you book a hotel, ask if there is a discount for students or military.

You can search websites that offer hotel prices and deals . They are not always reliable, but it’s worth knowing.

Book a travel package that includes air and / or car tickets . So you could get a cheaper rate when renting a hotel room.

✔ To book hotels I always use , it is a clear and simple to use website.
Below are the steos i take when booking for a hotel on

1. Indicate when you are going to travel

The first thing that you must put are the dates in which you are going to travel to NYC , although if you still do not have it clear, you can always click on the “show prices” button directly. The result of the search will be less adjusted since the prices of the accommodations are seasonal but you can get an idea. You also have to put the number of people and the distribution of rooms :

2. Order the results

Now select the “lowest price” filter to sort the results from lowest to highest price. Remember that the price that appears is the total price for the stay but the rates and other supplements are not included . Then it will be time to select your preferences, but you can start by marking the first one just below, if you are not looking for shared rooms:

3. Indicate your preferences / priorities

It’s time to refine your search for cheap hotels in New York. In the column on the left you will find several criteria: by price, by category, by area, by valuation, by services, … choose as many as you want and the results of the search will be more and more concrete:

4. Analyze the details. What should be fixed:

Now you only need to check the results obtained for your search for cheap hotels in New York. My advice before selecting the definitive accommodation are:
Look at your location on the map It is very important to ensure the location of our accommodation. Depending on what you plan to do, we will choose one or the other, New York is very big and a hotel far away can take a toll on you.
Rate the comments of other users Comments are going to be your best ally, do not stay with a single opinion, read the negative opinions to know that they complain and decide based on the experience of others if that hotel conforms to what What are you looking for. (location, security, noise, accessibility, services …)
Look at the different types of rooms offered . Click on the type of room to read the details and see specific photos (for the outstanding photos usually put the best rooms but then the cheaper ones are very different). Sometimes the hotel that you find does not look like anything to the photos that you surely saw. That’s because many of them put their best suites for photos. The opinions of the users can help you to leave doubts about the quality of the facilities.
Check rates and fees not included (they are in small print)
Keep in mind the conditions of the reservation and your payment : if it is refundable, if they penalize for cancellation, etc.

And you only have to complete the reservation and payment with your personal data . * Many times the credit card is only requested as a guarantee and payment is made at destination.

Your reservation will be confirmed immediately and you can print it directly but you will also receive an email with your confirmation . Do not forget to take the reservation with you during your trip and show it to the reception upon your arrival (you can print it or have it on your mobile).

Now that you know these simple steps to find cheap hotels in New York, you just need to get down to work. I recommend patience, compare and look at everything in detail to not take surprises!

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