Vacation destinations

Tips for choosing the best vacation destination

But of the thousands of incredible places to visit, how to choose the one you would like to visit?

This decision is very personal however if there are certain factors that will help you take it or at least where to start.

Cultural shock

India, you love her or hate her. The cultural differences that exist in other regions of the world with respect to what you are used to may not be so easy to tolerate or enjoy.

It is true that this same “cultural shock” is part of the experience of traveling, but if you are starting you may want to try it with regions with which you share certain values ​​or customs.

The more you travel, the more you develop tolerance and begin to enjoy these cultural differences, but initially they can be quite contrasting and difficult to tolerate. Consider it in your decision on where to start.

Distances and transfers

It is true that you want to travel and know as much as you can, but being transferred from one place to another is expensive, as well as tiring.

Try to choose a country or region where it is easy to move, also take into account the size of the country. Maybe visiting all of China has been in your dreams, but do you know the real distance between Beijing and Shanghai? They are approximately 1,200 kilometers and this is only a small part of the country

A very frequent mistake that people make when traveling is to choose a tour of 825 cities in 2 weeks, perhaps I exaggerated, but I am not that far from reality. This type of tour are exhausting and the truth is that you can not appreciate or know anything about the places you visited.

It is preferable that if you have 2 weeks of vacation, choose a single country or 2 or 3 cities to visit and take it easy. It is useless to be in a place where you are not even because you already have to go to the next and in the end all you have left is a photo of the monuments, which you do not even remember which are the hurried ones that you were.


Traveling costs and in some parts of the world it costs more than in others. For this reason the budget should be an important factor when deciding which place to choose to travel.

Many people choose Europe as their first choice to travel outside of their country, but a 2-week trip to Europe is just as expensive, or even more, than a 2-month trip through South America or Asia.

Try to explore new regions that fit your budget and you will be surprised by the wonders that these places have to offer.

Tastes and preferences

At the end of the day, traveling is about doing an activity that you like somewhere you would like to be, so this is perhaps the most decisive factor of all to choose a place to travel.

Do not force yourself to know a place that you do not really want to know, the only thing you will do is have an unpleasant experience.

I am one of those who believes that everything has a time and a moment, and travel is like that. Maybe now is not the right time to visit Africa, to give an example, but eventually it will be. What matters is that you do not close yourself to the possibilities.

The above are some factors that will facilitate the decision, however, there are others that also affect, however, should not and must be taken into account.


Do not limit yourself to traveling to a region just because you have heard or seen on the news that it is insecure. You will find insecurity everywhere, even in your own city. It is necessary that you learn to take the proper precautions, the same ones that you take in your city. Remember that the difference between good news and bad news is that bad news receives all the publicity. Do not be fooled and avoid traveling aside for something you heard.


Something that seems incredible to me is that some people I know decide not to travel to a certain place because of the food. His answer is, “I would not like to travel there, I would not know what to eat”.

Part of traveling is in tasting the cuisine of another country and I have never understood the need of people to eat at McDonalds instead of venturing to taste the delicacies of the place. Do not let something like food define what country you will visit, also if you are sensitive stomach, it is not necessary to eat on the street, there will always be clean and adequate places where you can eat without the fear of getting sick.


Many people prefer to travel to countries where they speak the same language, they are terrified of not being able to communicate with people. Let me tell you that communication is not only verbal, it is also non-verbal, that is, faces and gestures. In the worst case, you can always get a piece of paper and a pen to draw whatever you want.

I think that today more than ever we have reached a level of globalization that the language is no longer a barrier at all, we can communicate and express ourselves without even speaking the same language.

Dare to travel to countries that do not speak your language, you will discover that it is much more fun than you think.

Airline rates

The easiest way to find and compare all flight options and airline rates for a particular route is to use one of the many online travel agencies (which sell airline tickets) or the fare collection sites (which can direct you to an airline or another website to buy the ticket with the desired rate).
The question is: does any offer lower rates than others?

Tips getting the best airline rates
▪ Cover all bases: Before booking a fare at an online travel agency such as Expedia or Orbitz, search at to see all carriers on the route you are going to fly. Then, enter the airline’s websites to see if you can find an even lower airline rate. Although I did not examine any airline sites, remember that they often offer advantages, such as discounts, seat selection and details about the optional rates for meals, luggage, etc., of the frequent flyer program.

▪ Be flexible: I discovered that airline rates can vary considerably only hours apart and at airports in the same city. All of these sites offer filters to help you reduce or expand these choices, although I consider that Kayak’s were better. Be careful when using the tools, as I discovered the following: after opting for specific departure times or choosing non-stop flights, my preferences were repeatedly ignored.

▪ Use price alerts: Kayak, for example, will send you an email per week or even per day when the price decreases. This feature is useful when buying tickets well in advance.

▪ Do not stop searching once you have purchased a ticket: By law, you can cancel a reservation without penalty for 24 hours after paying for it, as long as the trip is scheduled for a week later. “Prices change all the time, so it’s a good idea to check some sites for 24 hours to see if you can find a better airline rate,” says Carl de Marcken, former MIT professor and expert on rates.

Car rental

There is a wide variety of car rental companies that can make it difficult to decide which one to choose from. If you need to rent a vehicle, you should take your time to research the options that exist before making the reservation.

Think of the location first of all . The location of a car rental company should be a priority. Do you want a company that has an office near the place you are going to travel?

Find out the car models that each company has in its fleet . Most car rental companies own their cars in different classes: economic, intermediate, luxury and large vehicles.

Find a company that offers specialties . For example, the company Enterprise has a 50 percent discount on the vehicles that are rented during the weekend.

Rent cars that have special features inside . You may want to choose a car rental company like Thrifty , which has the GPS system installed in many of its cars.

Use a web site to compare prices . These websites allow you to compare the prices of all the car rental agencies you are in at a specific location.

Tips for renting a car safely

Choose the right size for your specific needs.
Look closely at the fuel policy of the rental company: do you have to return it with a full tank, or do they fill it out? The second option is the face.
Compare a thousand times before deciding, compare between different companies and make sure you know all the costs, because some sites hide them to reveal them at the time of payment. Before renting you must know in detail how much money you are going to pay in total.
Read the rental agreement calmly and as many times as necessary, asking all you need to know without worrying that nobody “hurries you”.
Know exactly what insurance you take when you sign the rental agreement, make sure that what you call “all risk” is really, and is not franchised insurance. In any case, that the franchise is zero euros if you want it at all risk. It’s more expensive, but it’s safer.
Normally cars come with daily mileage limit. They can be 350 kilometers, for example, so if you rent it 10 days you will have 3,500 km “included”. If you go over that mileage, the additional ones are charged at the price of gold, so check this data well and keep in mind how many kilometers you plan to do on your vacation before hiring. There are companies that allow you to pay a plus to have unlimited mileage.
Look, “remira” and check with a magnifying glass the state of the car before leaving: plate, rallazos, state of the tires, tires (that do not give it to you with low pressures, real example). Does the radio work? And the antenna, where is it? Do you carry all the obligatory elements like vest and triangles? Do you have tools? The spare wheel? How is the upholstery? Is it delivered clean? You have to see everything, and if we can take a picture, better. And when we return it, if we leave it in a parking lot, some pictures of the state in which we return it will help us if the company falls into the temptation of doing something not very ethical.
If several people are going to drive it, it is better to pay the daily bonus, because if there is a problem we will pay it quite expensive. If we do not want to pay that extra, drive one alone.

The world is full of places that are worth visiting and deciding which one to start with is not an easy task, sometimes it will be a matter of taste and at other times it will be a budget, but the important thing is that you decide and set out to travel. Do not let unjustified reasons such as food, language or insecurity stop you from returning your dreams to reality of knowing the world.

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